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In 2005 Buck & Tara started something that would dramatically and forever change their lives and the lives of others. It wasn’t a planned beginning but rather a need they saw and took a

chance at. 


As Buck taught his son to skate at a local skatepark in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, they started to notice kids spending countless hours hanging out at the park. These kids would be unsupervised all day and were being negatively influenced by the older crowd who would lead them to underage drinking and drug use. 


As Buck & Tara were learning more about their new faith in Christ they knew that they were called to make a difference whenever they saw a need. On a hot summer Thursday afternoon they headed to the park with a truck full of hamburgers, hot dogs, lemonade and cookies, extra food from a party they hosted the night before. They served the food to the kids and met new people and prayed that God would provide for them to do it again. 


That first night, and every Thursday night following, someone “random” would hand exactly forty dollars to help with the costs of buying more food. A passing bicyclist, a parent, a fellow church member, a neighbor, random people but always $40.00. By the end of the summer, with a mustard seed of faith, they moved the local meal to their house. 


Week after week people continued to show up to eat and Buck and Tara’s home soon became a safe place where kids knew they were loved unconditionally, welcomed no matter what, listened to and were held to a higher standard where others often gave up. This would be a place where they would be introduced to Christ. These gatherings continued on for 5 years until one day they were blessed with an indoor space and a permanent home they would call Ska8 Church! To this day Sk8 Church is still operating.  Equipped with numerous skate ramps, a kitchen, skate shop, counseling offices, youth lounge, music stage and computer area available for after school homework, all were intentionally designed to act as a refuge for teens to gather and be in a supervised safe place. Numerous lives were changed forever because of this space!


Buck and Tara soon shifted their focus on building up teams and giving others the opportunity to minister. After achieving this with Sk8 Church, in 2017 they took another leap of faith, packed up their family and headed West to see what God had next in store for them.  


With this mustard seed of faith they are now bringing their expertise to “unleash” others to find their passions and purpose in life through Christ! Thus, Unleashed Ministries was born! With a broader focus on the lost, broken and forgotten whether a new believer or a long time follower Buck, Tara and team will walk (jog or sprint) with you in  your journey in finding His purpose

for you!

There were no schools to attend or requirements to check off for the disciples to drop everything and follow Jesus. He called them as they were, where they were and right in the middle of the lives they were living. As a matter of fact Jesus made it a point to take the prodigals, the liars, the murders, the adulterers, the tax collectors, the lepers, the whiners, the haters, the confused, and the outcasts and he simply called them to follow him. He does not leave them as they are but boldly teaches His ways of grace, forgiveness, restoration and mercy. We seek to do the same.

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